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Chit Chat

Family Drug Counseling: Therapy for Families Dealing with Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Throughout the course of an addiction, it is not just the addict that is suffering.  Family and friends are affected too.  Many times they are the ones responsible for trying to fix all the problems the addiction causes.  Their lives are constantly disrupted and although they want to be supportive they do not know what to do.  There are also the feelings of guilt and shame that accompany the addiction.  They feel the pain that the addiction is causing and want to do more to help, but usually cannot.  These feeling can be overwhelming and family and friends need a safe place where they can talk about them.  That is what Chit Chat is all about.

Chit Chat is a weekly, family addiction counseling meeting that is designed to answer basic questions about substance abuse and offer therapy to those closest to the patient.  Since they are also dealing with the affects of addiction in their lives, this is a vital program. Chit Chat meets on Wednesday evenings and is facilitated by one of our family therapy counselors. If you have been affected by the alcohol or drug abuse of another in your life, we strongly encourage you to attend these substance abuse meetings.

For more information on Brighton’s family addiction counseling groups, drug and substance abuse programs, or other general information call 888-215-2700 or 810-227-1211. Brighton is a national leader in family drug counseling and other addiction treatment programs for families. In addition to Chit Chat, our weekly, informal family therapy group, we also offer the Friends and Family Program, a more intensive drug counseling program and addiction support group for families dealing with drug abuse.

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