Addiction Treatment Programs

Rehab Programs

Deciding what level of drug and alcohol rehab treatment you need can be difficult. That is why Brighton Center for Recovery has a first class, professional staff that will evaluate your addiction and help you to determine the best course of treatment needed.  We offer many different types of rehabilitation, ranging from intensive outpatient counseling to inpatient drug treatment.

Outpatient Programs

Some individuals may be best suited for our outpatient programs.  Through customized group counseling and educational sessions, we are able to focus on the patient’s substance abuse rehabilitation while they remain in their current living situation. This allows him or her to receive the vital care needed as he or she maintains employment and family life outside of the hospital setting.

Inpatient Programs

Our inpatient programs are recommended for individuals that need to be more closely monitored and are unable to achieve sobriety in his or her current living situation. An inpatient rehab program may be recommended if a patient suffers from medical or psychiatric problems, or has been admitted to less structured programs in the past and has been unable to maintain sobriety. Brighton Center for Recovery’s rehabilitation programs focus on group therapy, educational lectures and videos, recreational therapy and rehabilitation counseling.

To begin the admissions process for treatment at Brighton Center for Recovery, or to learn more about our outpatient and inpatient programs, please click here.