Addiction Treatment Programs

Recovery Skills Program

Brighton Center for Recovery is a world-class addiction treatment facility offering several types of alcohol and drug addiction programs.  Each patient is an individual with his or her own addiction treatment needs.  Some come to us on an outpatient basis.  Others require more intensive inpatient substance abuse treatment to stabilize from the physical and emotional effects of their substance use, and to effectively initiate lifelong recovery from addiction.

Our Recovery Skills Rehabilitation Program consists of an initial period of medical detoxification (typically 2-3 days), if necessary, and 14-days of structured inpatient substance abuse treatment followed by four weeks of an Intensive Outpatient program at one of our St John Providence Brighton Center for Recovery or Eastwood Clinics location.

Depending upon results of our admission assessment, the first step in our Recovery Skills program may require a patient to complete medical detoxification (Detox) from their addictive substance(s). Our state-of-the-art Detoxification Program has its roots as one of the country’s first freestanding medical detoxification units.  Our Medical Addiction Specialists see Detox patients at least daily as they receive 24 hour nursing care in a comfortable and nurturing environment.  When patients are medically able, they transition to the Recovery Skills program.

The Recovery Skills treatment program is designed to help patients acquire the necessary recovery skills to maintain lifelong abstinence. Each patient is assigned to a multi-disciplinary treatment team. This team of professionals works with the patient to develop an individualized treatment plan and recovery goals which will guide them through the difficult process of change necessary to establish a 12-Step foundation of Recovery. Patients work through their goals during individual and group counseling sessions, while completing the 14 essential educational lectures, and while attending 12-Step recovery meetings. Family members also participate in the Friends & Family Program where they learn about the disease of addiction, codependency traits, and how to develop a meaningful family recovery program.

Lastly, prior to completing the Recovery Skills program, each patient along with their treatment team develops an aftercare plan to continue the recovery process following discharge. Patients are typically referred to an Intensive Outpatient program at a convenient St John Providence Brighton Center for Recovery or Eastwood Clinics location.

Other elements of the aftercare plan include establishing care coordination with the patient’s Primary Care Physician, and listing 12-Step meetings and other community support resources in the patient’s geographic area.

To begin the admissions process for inpatient drug rehab treatment at Brighton Center for Recovery, please complete our Secure Online Admission Form.  Alternately, you can call our admissions department at 877-9-SOBER-1 (877-976-2371). Our Customer Service representatives are available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-7:30 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

To learn more about our rehabilitation facilities, residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs, or any other general information, please call 810-227-1211 or 888-215-2700.