Why Brighton Center for Recovery

Anthony L.

“I checked myself into Brighton Center for Recovery after going on a month-long binge of drinking and drugs. I was abusing medication and alcohol to suppress my feelings. I also was dealing with a social anxiety disorder. I was suicidal and had given up. I had simply lost all hope.”

“One of the Brighton therapists knew I was scared and understood my anxiety disorder. He looked out for me and helped me learn how to interact with people and make friendships. Today my anxiety disorder has all but disappeared. I have everything to live for and want to go back to school and enter social work. After recovery my mom said she’s very proud of me — she can’t express enough feelings of joy for me.”

Brighton Center for Recovery is a center of hope. We give a second chance at a life of sobriety to those who need it the most. Anthony’s chemical dependency treatment success is just one of many achieved at Brighton Center for Recovery over the years. There are many others out there that have a story just like Anthony’s. At Brighton Center for Recovery, our hope is that others can find inspiration through his experiences and realize that they too can achieve sobriety.