Why Brighton Center for Recovery

Gale T.

“My daughter was a heroin addict. When she first entered Brighton Center for Recovery, things were pretty grim. We became involved in the family sessions at Brighton. Like any disease, when it first enters your life, you need to be educated. The Brighton staff helped us understand what we were doing and what choices we had to make. We learned how to be supportive without some of the destructive behaviors that can make recovery more difficult.”

“Today my daughter is happy, healthy and productive. Before her treatment it was impossible for us to look toward the future. Day-to-day survival was the best we could do. Now our future is filled with endless possibilities. I’m grateful to Brighton Center for Recovery for the education I received as a parent. It was the foundation for our recovery as a family.”

As with any addiction, the more you know, the better chance you have to overcome it.  Education is key and the foundation for success in the fight against substance abuse.  With the help of Brighton’s addiction treatment programs, Gale’s daughter fought to overcome her heroin addiction and Gale was right there with her through it all. Because drug addiction does not just affect the user, Gale’s story is so important for others to hear. If they are suffering from the substance abuse of a loved one, they can see that it can get better and their loved one can get the help they need.