Why Brighton Center for Recovery


“I spent 34 years of my life drinking. The first 30 of those years were relatively uneventful. Then the drinking progressed. I became powerless under alcohol — life became unmanageable. My wife made arrangements for me to come to Brighton Center for Recovery. When I first entered treatment I couldn’t even hold a piece of paper. I reached a point where I was never sober and never drunk. My body needed the alcohol and couldn’t function without it.”

“My life has changed 180 degrees since then. The Brighton staff members are incredibly effective because they’ve been in the same dark spot. They help you understand that you’re not alone. Brighton Center for Recovery is a place for beginnings. Today I have an unbelievably positive outlook on life and can deal with whatever it throws my way. I’m sober and have serenity, and that’s a miracle.”

Alcohol addiction is no different than any other kind of addiction. Being educated and understanding the disease is key and an essential part of finding sobriety.  Jeff’s story is similar to so many that we have seen over the years at Brighton Center for Recovery.  Every day he depended on drinking, but after getting help through our addiction treatment programs, his life was completely transformed.  As Jeff mentioned, it was a new beginning for him.  That first step is often the hardest to take, but it sets you on a path for living a clean and sober lifestyle.