Why Brighton Center for Recovery

Larry R.

“I knew I had a problem with alcoholism. I was constantly drunk and what they call a functioning alcoholic. I also had physical and mental problems and suffered from depression. So I called Brighton Center for Recovery and asked for help. Now I’m greatly improved and a recovered alcoholic.”

“The staff took interest in me and in helping my situation. They told me I could make it if I wanted to — if a patient is willing to do the work, the staff is willing to help. After becoming sober I decided to help people the way the Brighton Center for Recovery staff helped me. I became a volunteer and assist the aftercare counselors.”

Alcohol addiction can be deceptive. Though Larry continued with his every day life, he was constantly drinking, which affected every aspect of his life. After having undergone addiction treatment at Brighton Center for Recovery, he is able to live a much healthier and more fulfilled life. Our expert staff is extremely knowledgeable about the disease of alcohol addiction due to that fact that many of them are recovered alcoholics or adult children of alcoholics. This experience is vital because withdrawal from alcohol addiction differs greatly from most drugs and can be fatal. For instance, while it’s possible for heroin addicts to die from other health problems made worse by the strain of withdrawal, an otherwise healthy alcoholic can die from the direct effects of withdrawal.  Therefore, each patient is carefully monitored and guided through the withdrawal process. All possible withdrawal issues can be safely controlled and mediated in our medically supervised detox center.  At Brighton Center for Recovery, your care and well being are our first priority.  We will work, in a safe and controlled environment, to help you to achieve sobriety.