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Brighton Center for Recovery has been helping individuals overcome their drug and alcohol addictions since 1950.  Through our innovative and successful rehab programs, we have helped thousands of patients to go on to live clean and sober lives.  Brighton Center for Recovery is the second-oldest alcohol and drug treatment program in the country and the first to be licensed in Michigan.  We are a national leader in addiction treatment.

We cannot think of a better way to show you the changes that we make every day in people’s lives then to let you hear it for yourself straight from them.  Please take a moment to view these videos and see how you too can be on the path to becoming “Clean + Sober”.

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Guest Speaker: Cornelius James Finnen, Esq. gives open talk at Brighton Center for Recovery Alumni Tune-Up: Cornelius James Finnen, Esq., a former Brighton patient in 1968, currently resides in New Mexico. He was from 1971-1999 Assistant City Attorney Albuquerque, New Mexico (retired); contiguously served as 1993-1999 Legal Advisor for Bernalillo County New Mexico Sheriffs Department from and as Alternate Municipal Judge for the City of Rio Rancho, New Mexico 1993-1999.
After his drinking had taken over his life, this patient explains how he knew it was necessary to seek help. With assistance from the staff at Brighton, he was able to achieve sobriety and mend his relationships with his family.
Brighton Center for Recovery leads the nation in the number of Certified Addiction Registered Nurses that it employs. Here, a veteran nurse speaks of how Brighton helps its nurses to achieve the coveted CARN certification and why she loves working at Brighton Center for Recovery.
Maryanne, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselor in a corporate environment talks about the procedures and practices that are involved in helping employees to get help for their substance abuse problems. She shares her personal experience and how she helps support those in need of addiction assistance.
Struggling with a cocaine and alcohol addiction, this patient discusses how she felt she could stop using on her own. It was only after she realized she needed help that she turned to Brighton to get the assistance she needed to turn her life around.
This patient discusses how his alcohol abuse nearly ended his life. After being told that he would not make it 6 months if he didn’t get help, he checked into Brighton Center for Recovery. He learned how to work at improving his personal and professional life while maintaining his sobriety and improving his overall health.
Dr. Velayudhan describes why she chose to become an addiction fellow at Brighton Center for Recovery, site of the first addiction fellowship training program in the USA outside of a medical school.
A former Brighton patient discusses how her alcohol addiction made her life unmanageable. However, with Brighton’s help she was able to get her life back on track. She now returns to the aftercare alumni Tune-ups to support others in their fight against addiction.
Suffering from acute anxiety and substance abuse, this patient talks about his journey through recovery. Only once at Brighton Center for Recovery did he realize that actually needed help with his addictions. Now he chooses to share his story to help others.
Three times a year Brighton Center for Recovery hosts a Tune-up, which is an opportunity for both Brighton Alumni as well as those currently at Brighton to get together and share their experiences. This patient speaks of the importance of these events.
Jean McGrath a former Brighton patient and a retired Brighton employee, who will celebrate 41 years of living in recovery on December 4, 2008, is presenting a 40 year coin to featured speaker, Cornelius James Finnen, Esq. Cornelius James Finnen, Esq., a former Brighton patient in 1968, currently resides in New Mexico.
A recovering individual portrays a patient (to protect patient privacy) in this Detoxification room at Brighton Center for Recovery, and is visited by a volunteer with a certified Therapy Dog.
As the child of a World War II and Korean war veteran, this man remembers his father, a recovered alcoholic, and how a large part of his life was centered around Brighton Center for Recovery.
Dr. Michael Brooks discusses pain killer addiction with Michelle, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Michelle became addicted to painkillers prescribed to her by her doctor. She speaks of the fear and apprehension she experienced as a result of her addiction.
Brighton Center for Recovery maintenance employee Gary B. is in successful recovery from Alcoholism. He enjoys working at Brighton Center for Recovery. Individuals with have been clean for two or more years are encouraged to apply for positions at Brighton. Two-thirds of all Brighton Center for Recovery employees are in successful recovery, and are extremely committed to the successful rehabilitation of our patients. Patients sense the support of Brighton associates at all levels–from the kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance all the way to therapists and other professionals.

A former heroin addict talks about how the influences in her life have changed since her treatment at Brighton Center for Recovery. She explains how the meetings and staff at Brighton have helped her to maintain her sobriety.


Many of the employees who are not recovering individuals have close family ties to addiction as Adult Children of Alcoholics, or through other family relationships. Turnover is low and associate satisfaction is high at Brighton, making for a supportive environment for sobriety for patients and staff alike.