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12 Step Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program has a long and successful history.  This famous history of alcohol addiction treatment is also Brighton Center for Recovery’s history.  Bill Wilson, the co-founder of alcoholics anonymous, actually worked with Brighton Center for Recovery’s founder, Harry Henderson in incorporating the 12-step program into Brighton Center for Recovery from its start in 1950.

Brighton Center for Recovery bases its many different types of addiction treatment programs on the original Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step approach.  To familiarize patients with 12-step recovery programs, Brighton Center for Recovery hosts regular 12-step and community meetings in or around Brighton, Michigan.  These include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon (a support group for family members and friends of those addicted to alcohol) and Chit Chat (a support group for those close to a patient and dealing with the affects of addiction in their lives).

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a life long process.  We therefore encourage our patients to participate in appropriate 12-step programs following their discharge.  We also suggest friends and family members attend the 12-step programs that are designed to offer support to those affected by a loved ones substance abuse.  Research shows that continuing in 12-step programs after receiving treatment for addiction promotes a higher rate of success.

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