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Men’s Transitional Home

A Model of Better Transitional Living for Recovering Men

There are times when returning to a previous living environment may threaten a patient’s ability to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Therefore, we recommend the patient seek an alternate place to reside to help keep the incredible gains made from their drug and alcohol treatment. In most cases, a transitional housing arrangement is the best option for recovering men who do not a have a sober living environment to immediately return to.

Henderson Halfway House is a drug and alcohol treatment center for recovering men. This 16-bed men’s addiction rehab house is located right on Brighton Center for Recovery’s campus. A halfway house is designed for sober transitional living. Its purpose is to help people coming out of addiction treatment and transitioning back to their life while maintaining sobriety. It offers a safe place where men can work on their continued addiction treatment and recovery. Within a year of opening, the Henderson Halfway House for Men became a model for better transitional housing through its innovative programming and staffing. The men’s halfway house provides an essential place for men to reside while on the road to recovery.

Location is a key component when transitioning to rehab housing. The Henderson Halfway House for Men is located right on Brighton Center for Recovery’s campus, so patients travel only 50 to 100 yards to be home. The halfway house is professionally managed and offers a safe and upbeat atmosphere where men can feel comfortable with those around them. While living in transitional housing, men have daily classes and drug counseling in a group therapy setting. Although patients are more independent during their halfway house stay, they still participate in individualized therapy, attend morning meditation and evening educational sessions, and participate in on-campus 12-step programs or outpatient drug treatment. The sober, transitional housing option provided by the men’s halfway house is among the many ways to seek full addiction treatment and fight relapse.

To begin the admissions process for treatment at Brighton Center for Recovery and stay at the Henderson Men’s Halfway House, complete our Secure Online Admission Form or call our admissions department at 877-9-SOBER-1 (877-976-2371).

For general information about Brighton Center for Recovery, please call 888-215-2700 or 810-227-1211.