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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When dealing with addiction, it is often necessary for a patient to receive 24 hour care in an inpatient setting. This is when the patient resides at our rehab facility and receives round the clock care and support. By choosing Brighton Center for Recovery for treatment, the patient is removed from their previous environment which usually includes negative association to drugs and/or alcohol. This allows the patient to focus on their recovery and avoid temptation. We have found that this promotes a positive atmosphere as well as a healthy transition to a clean and sober lifestyle.

In our Recovery Skills and Living Recovery Programs we focus on addiction treatment needed on an individual level. This specialized attention is one of the things that sets Brighton apart from other treatment facilities. Brighton Center for Recovery’s inpatient program treats those who are 18 years and older.

To begin the admissions process, please complete our Secure Online Admission Form. For admissions questions or assistance call our admissions department at 877-9-SOBER-1 (877-976-2371).

For general information call 810-227-1211 or 888-215-2700.