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Friends and Family Program

Our Family Treatment Center – Substance Abuse Program

When a person is addicted to drugs and alcohol, they are not the only one being hurt.

Every patient that Brighton Center for Recovery treats for substance abuse issues has friends and family that are also being negatively affected by the addiction.  For each individual in drug or alcohol treatment, at least six to ten friends or family members are affected as well. At Brighton Center for Recovery, we not only help the individual, we also reach out to their loved ones.  Our Friends and Family program was designed to help those dealing with a loved one’s addiction.

When family and friends educate themselves about addiction and get involved in the recovery process, it builds a strong support system that helps the addict to achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle.  We encourage all family and friends of our patients to join us for special lectures, discussion groups and one-on-one sessions designed to answer questions and address concerns. Program sessions take place at our family treatment center on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, from noon to 5:00 p.m.

It is important for family and friends to complete the program, whether their loved one is a new patient or has been discharged from inpatient care.  While we have no open visiting at our treatment center, the program allows each patient generous amounts of shared time.  Children are welcome to attend as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

For more information on our substance abuse treatment program for friends and families, please call our clinic at  888-215-2700 or 810-227-1211. If you feel you require help with addiction, please complete our Secure Online Admission Form or contact our admissions department at 877-9-SOBER-1 (877-976-2371).

Please remember that we may not be able to acknowledge your family member or friend’s presence at our treatment center due to federal confidentiality laws.

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