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Inpatient Policy: Psychostimulant Medications

Policy regarding the use of psychostimulant medications in Detox and Residential Treatment

Policy: Many drugs used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD), are psychostimulant-based medications which possess intrinsic dependence-producing properties, both physical and psychological.  Abuse and Dependency of these drugs is common.  In addition to the difficulties inherent in diagnosing ADD/ADHD, many of these drugs are being prescribed and used for academic “performance enhancement.”  As an abstinence-based program, Brighton Center for Recovery does not support the use of stimulant medications for treatment of ADD/ADHD.



Does What


Informs all patients considered for Inpatient Treatment that ADD/ADHD medications will be reviewed at the time of admission and that certain of these medications, being hazardous to Recovery, will not be prescribed during treatment.

Clinic Nurse

At the time of Admission, the Clinic Nurse will identify any psychostimulant medications.  The Nurse will inform the patient that these medications will not be prescribed during the patient’s stay in treatment.

If the patient insists on continuing use of the medication(s), or if the patient refuses to sign a release of information to the treating physician, admission will be denied.

Clinical Assessor

Will obtain a release of information to the patient’s treating physician, so that they may be informed about any recommendations made at Brighton Hospital with regards to use of psychostimulant medications in treating the patient’s ADD/ADHD.

Unit Nursing Staff

Will offer the patient the opportunity to destroy the medication.  If the patient refuses to destroy the medication, a flag will be placed in the electronic chart.  The unit nurse will also place “Refusal to destroy addictive substance/controlled substance” on the patient’s problem list.

Physician/Psychiatrist The Physician or Psychiatrist will evaluate the patient and provide recommendations for treatment of the patient’s ADD/ADHD.